Lars Larson: Questions on the Portland Mayor race

By Lars Larson

NW and national radio host,

City Commissioner Rene Gonzalez wants the job of Portland Mayor.

So, what kind of leadership has he displayed lately?

He quit taking MAX light rail to work because, according his own social media post a woman “accosted” him.   News reports make that sound serious, but accosted only means to “boldly approach” someone.

And by all accounts, this woman constituent did just that with hard questions and even some criticism about Gonzalez policies on the homeless…ironically enough the very group of drug addicted and mentally ill who create a serious hazard to people who must take transit to work.

What did the courageous Commissioner do?

Rene declared he would avoid light rail indefinitely.

Gonzalez doesn’t like hard questions.  I know that because he’s never agreed to answer any of mine.

So the man-who-would-be-Mayor runs from criticism and tough questions from his constituents?

We already have one of those in Feckless Ted Wheeler.   And look how that’s working out.

Did Gonzalez demand tough security on transit? Did he insist the city clean up the homeless?  Crack down on street drugs? Do something about the mentally ill who routinely assault people?

Rene retreated behind his taxpayer funded security where he won’t have to face tough questions from pesky constituents.