Free pizza, french fries to cure homelessness (SB 1585)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Senate Bill 1585 (SB 1585) would expand Federal Food Stamps to cover hot foods such as pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries.  Welfare’s Food Stamp program already covers the purchase of junk foods such as potato chips, pork rinds, Oreo cookies, chocolate bars, and even ice cream and ice cream cakes.

The politicians believe that the way to fight poverty and homelessness is to offer them free pizza, french fries and hot dogs.  Oregon previously has already offered welfare benefits longer than most states, and that landed Oregon among to the top poverty states.    The numbers show the more you pay people to be poor the more they remain poor.

SB 1585 would be grossly unhelpful to the obesity problem by offering people more free junk food at taxpayers expense.   The same liberal mindset that pushes for free junk food are also the same ones that push for soda/sugar taxes and Big Gulp soda bans.

SB 1585 summary reads, “The Act requires DHS to set up a work group and come up with a plan for a program that allows people who receive SNAP aid to be able to use the aid to buy hot foods and hot foods that are ready to eat. The Act says who must be on the work group. The Act requires DHS to take steps to carry out the program. Requires the Department of Human Services to convene a work group to analyze options available under federal law for a program that allows recipients of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits to use the benefits for hot foods, including restaurant meals. Specifies the membership of the work group. Requires the department to implement the program on a statewide basis or as a pilot program. “

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