Both Senate & House GOP statements on revenue forecast

By Oregon Political Watch,

Below are the two quick-response press statements on the just released Oregon economic forecast:

Revenue Forecast: Pro-Job Policies Needed to Improve Economic Outlook
By Oregon Senate Republican Caucus

SALEM, Ore. – Today, the Office of Economic Analysis presented the quarterly revenue forecast which confirmed that the state continues to bring in record revenue but warned of future problems due to population stagnation.

“Flat population is a warning sign for the future of our state and is reflected by poor policy decisions that continue to hurt businesses and families. It is critically important that we leave behind status-quo policies and pursue pro-job policies that will make Oregon an attractive place to live, work, and raise a family,” said Senate Republican Leader Tim Knopp (R-Bend). “We can do that this Session by putting all our efforts into boosting housing production, lowering the cost of living, and addressing drug addiction, homelessness, and crime.”



House Republican Leader Statement on Revenue Forecast
By Oregon House Republican Caucus

SALEM, Ore. – This morning the Office of Economic Analysis released their quarterly revenue forecast, reporting that Oregon brought in record revenues but has a looming population crisis.

“Another year where Oregon’s population has stopped growing is another sign that our current leadership isn’t working,” said Republican Leader Jeff Helfrich “Record revenues followed by record inflation is to be expected. People leaving, or staying away, from Oregon isn’t. It’s no surprise; people want to feel safe in their communities, don’t want to constantly deal with the effects of an unrestrained drug trade, and even if they could ignore all of that, our housing market is unaffordable for most. Oregon needs to reverse course, and fast.”