Fast Fact: Laura most popular first lady in history

Polling on President Bush may be down, but Laura Bush hit 85% at its highests point. That is higher for any first lady since they began polling Presidential spouses.

Source: Wall Street Journal 7-14-07

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  • DarePDX

    No way.

    There is no way she was more loved and popular than Hillary Clinton.


      LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! I needed a good laugh this morning!

      • Vilyammg

        Hello! great idea of color of this siyte!

    • dmf

      whose sandbox did you have your head in?

  • Tom

    Laura Bush might be popular, but it is a shallow way to measure her efficacy. Name one thing she has done while First Lady — just one….

    I didn’t think you could. She is a loser, a space-filler, a wanna-be. Kinda of a disgrace.

    She even smokes. What a loser.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah she didn’t have any body killed.

    • Anonymous

      She also didn’t cuss out the helicoptor pilots, she didn’t hide information when she was asked for it.

      You’re right Laura Bush did not do any of those things

    • Anonymous

      omigod Laura Bush smokes. Pull out her toenails, hang her by her thumbs, then throw her in jail for life.

      Tom you are the most juvenile person I’ve seen comment. I’m sure you never smoked pot, took pills, drank beer, You are so perfect, you have never even ever bad mouthed
      anybody. Your mother ought to wash your mouth out with soap. Or maybe she’s too embarrased to know you.

      So while you’re sitting on your chair with your lip zipped reading Dorothy Do Good, I’ll be sure to pat you on the head. Stupid.

  • Tom

    Just as I predicted: you can’t name even one thing Laura Bush has done for the good. Because she hasn’t. She is a null set, a zero, a do-nothing. That is not good enough.


      Traditionally First Ladies don’t try to be activist or make opionated statements. Hillary Clinton was an exception to that rule though none of her ideas ever amounted to anything.

      First Ladies do such as Laura Bush has done which is support increasing the quality of our education system. Nancy Reagan supported drug programs, Betty Ford embraced drug addiction treatment. Though she wasn’t the 1st lady Tipper Gore supported warning labels on video games and music when offensive items were included so the parents could better screen what their children listen to and watched.

      I’m not sure what Tom would want a First Lady to be……….she isn’t an elected official she isn’t supposed to dictate policy.

  • Tom

    Exactly my point, Crawdude — the popularity of First Ladies is based on the color of their lipstick, and other matters of urgent important.

    Let’s face it, First Ladies aren’t worth a pile of warm shit, so reporting that Laura Bush is popular is about as important as knowing that I wipe my ass in the morning.

    Laura Bush is a waste of potential. She could be advocating for the poor, if she had any balls, or the unfortunate. Instead, she’s content to go along with the party line, eat the greasy fat put down in front of her ugly face, and play the good wife to a dangerous and murderous idiot. She is cowardice in the flesh, and I am sure she will go to hell for it.


      Lol! I see what you mean now Tom…………….I do have to admit that when Bill Clinton was President I felt the same way about Hillary so it would be hypocritical of me to dispute anything you said.

      I don’t mind Laura Bush but I do think her husband is a blithering idiot!

  • Tom

    Except, Crawdude, Hillary actually had some serious ambitions to change the medical situation of the tens of millions of less-fortunate in this country who lack health insurance, until she was beaten back by corporate interests.

    Far more than the uncaring Laura Bush ever attempted.

    • Sybella

      How much of your money and time have you spent changing the medical situation of less fortunate. If you cared that much, you wouldn’t be on your computer saying bad things about other people, instead you would be doing everything in your power to make those people’s life better, that is if you really cared, or do you just want to sound good.

      You are judged by what you do, not what you say. You suck.

      • Philip

        He even sucks by what he says. Anybody who can’t write or speak without using such disgusting language doesn’t have enough vocabulary to be called intelligent or enough intelligence to have an opinion worth considering.

        • Sybella

          It must be hard to have that much hate in his heart. He would refuse to see the truth if it hit him in the face. Sounds like a spoiled brat to me. 🙁

        • JM

          What disgusting language? Yes there is “hate in his heart” but is this not warranted? He is passionate about a subject which is important to him, the way it should be, as opposed to a number of those who replied who are not passionate about this but merely anti-the-other-side, and which he sees as not being acted upon by those policy-makers and -influencers. Remember an opinion is in fact AN OPINION and a person is allowed to dislike another for whatever reason they choose. Whether or not this is valid is based on their own reasoning not society’s, not a bystander’s, and not yours. There’s no need to be nasty to somebody because they’re going against the grain; indeed that what got us all here in the first place. Yes I agree with Tom (although this is not what spurred on my defense) simply because Ms. Bush is following the standard procedure and working with education or caring about drugs like predecessors without really doing anything at all. It’s a cop-out of her influence. She could be involved in any number of things. At least Hillary tried something new and different: it didn’t work out but she made the attempt and worked hard to fix something she realized was ineffective in the country. THAT is a good first lady. I could not care less about their grace or goodness or amazing fashion sense. Once again society has reinforced to me the ridiculous misogyny inherent within it.


    Who would have thought an article this mundane would generate such a huge interaction?

    • Sybella

      Funny isn’t it what gets us going. It is a mundane article, I like Laura Bush, I don’t like Hilliary, neither has anything to do with them being first lady, the difference i see is Lady.

      • CRAWDUDE

        Perfect description!

  • John Verbeek

    It is encouraging to me that the people gave Mrs. Bush such a high vote (85%). She sets an example for anybody who would like to overcome peer pressure and pursue doing good. The American woman. Nonetheless, her husband must be the smart one as he chose her.

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