Lars Larson: Kotek blows your $$ away

By Lars Larson

NW and national radio host,

This week Governor Tina Kotek celebrated federal approval to block off a massive chunk of Oregon ocean for wind energy.

“Offshore wind is likely to play an important role in meeting our state’s growing energy demand.”

That lie sinks like the Titanic when you look at what’s happening right now off America’s East coast.

Four major energy companies proposed massive wind farms off five states in the Atlantic.

Then they found out what it costs.

BP took a half billion dollar loss when it canceled. Eversource lost a third of a billion. You’d think the Danes know something about windmills, but when wind giant Orsted canceled its wind farm off Jersey and took a more than 5 billion dollar loss.

New York promised to pay more than three times the usual rate for wind energy and that still wasn’t enough.

Electricity from natural gas costs 37 bucks a megawatt…but these energy giants figure it might take 190 a megawatt to make it pencil: 5 times the cost.
No matter. Tina figures you won’t mind when your power bill quadruples…and the Congress shovels out billions of borrowed dollars for this breezy boondoggle