Lars Larson on Props to Governor K

You know, when the Governor does something right I have to actually give him props and kudos and congratulations.

Governor Kulongoski does not get it right very often, but when he does he deserves congratulations. Yesterday, he made a couple of key decisions outlined in the newspaper which I thought were exactly on target.

Number one, the Governor has decided, it sounds like, to veto a bill that would have diverted $4.6 million in energy savings money to pay off OMSI’s debt. Now, OMSI is a wonderful institution, don’t get me wrong, but paying off that debt with energy money that is supposed to go for energy efficiency makes no sense. Kulongoski deserves congratulations.

The second issue, and this has happened a couple of times, the last time this was not vetoed by Governor Kitzhaber. $9 million that the legislature had planned to steal from the 9-1-1 emergency fund paid out of your phone bills. The Governor sounds like he is going to veto that one as well. He deserves congratulations on both.

The biggest show of my lifetime is coming up today. Hope you have a chance to listen.