Rep. Diehl: Measure 110 update

By Oregon State Representative Ed Diehl,

Despite what you have read in the press and on social media, as of this writing there is not yet a bipartisan deal for major reform of Ballot Measure 110. We are working hard on it, and I expect a deal soon.

I am grateful that the Democrat legislators have followed our lead, and are now listening to the majority of Oregonians that are demanding change. 74% of Oregonians want recriminalization. 77% of Oregonians want required treatment. Finally, the Democrat leadership appears willing to embrace proven, evidence-based approaches that protect public safety and get addicts the treatment they desperately need.

My goal is that together, we achieve a solution that will:

1. Recriminalize hard drugs to protect public safety and incentivize treatment.
2. Require treatment through diversion programs.
3. Reinvest in evidence-based treatment and recovery programs that are locally controlled.
4. Recovery as the overarching goal – anyone seeking treatment should have access.

Anything short of this would be an abject failure.