Sen. Anderson: Affordable Housing bill (Sb 1564) passes Senate

Bill Providing Rural Towns a Necessary Tool to Increase Housing Production Clears Oregon Senate

By Oregon State Senator Dick Anderson,


SALEM, Ore. – Today, the Oregon Senate passed SB 1564 B, a bill allowing cities who do not have the bandwidth to create and administer their own model ordinance codes to adopt a code created by DLCD that is aligned with that city’s population. It was carried by Senator Dick Anderson (R-Lincoln City), who introduced the measure.


“We need to build more homes of all types – and quickly – to alleviate the severe housing shortage that exists in nearly every corner of Oregon. The Legislature can help these efforts by embracing bold solutions rather than the failed policies that have handcuffed cities, overregulated builders, and stifled development for decades,” said Senator Anderson, vice-chair of the Senate Committee on Housing and Development. “My hope is SB 1564 will give rural communities a necessary tool in their toolbox to free them from their housing gridlock and build more homes for Oregonians.”


SB 1564 directs the Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) to create 3 model ordinances that provide clear and objective standards for the development of various housing types. The model ordinances are to be targeted towards cities with different population sizes, ranging from populations of less than 2,500, to populations of more than 25,000. DLCD is to develop these model ordinances by January 1, 2026.


The measure appropriates $550,000 General Fund to DLCD for adoption of the model ordinances. Projected costs under this measure include contracting for work on model codes, community engagement, and legal expenses.


This session, a key priority for Senate Republicans is boosting housing production. SB 1564 now head to the House for consideration.