Pardon typo on HB 4159 alert. Free “1-year rent” bill is dead

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

One of the postcards that we sent out on HB 4159 accidentally listed the bill as HB 4149.

The correct bill is HB 4159 for which The Oregonian reported is a bill that Governor Tina Kotek wanted like to pass before the end of Session.

Session ended last night and HB 4159 did not survive — although we are still checking to make sure the bill wasn’t inserted into another omnibus bill at the last minute.

HB 4159 would have provided 1-year free rent/free housing promise program for illegal migrants and border crossers coming into Oregon.   We fear that the popularity and open-promise of this free program would have had the effect of drawing hundreds if not thousands of homeless and illegal migrants to Oregon to take advantage of the program.