2 ideas emerge to take your $900 Kicker Tax Refund

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


Oregon State Democratic Treasurer candidate Jeff Gudman is running on a plan to take the people’s Kicker Income Tax Refund. He penned an article “Reconsidering Oregon’s Kicker Law”

KATU reports, “Research from the Oregon Center for Public Policy (OCPP) is leading their push for reforms to the Oregon kicker….The group will present suggestions to lawmakers including changing the revenue forecast to prevent a kicker, distributing the same amount to all taxpayers in the kicker, or reinvesting the kicker into community needs like housing and healthcare.”

To OCPP’s plan, Oregon State Senator Tim Knopp (who helped place the Kicker law into the State Constitution) said “Far too many Oregonians feel the impacts of high taxes, inflation, and other rising costs due to decades of poor policy decisions. Oregon workers rely on their proportional refund of over-collected taxes and do not want anyone to reform it, reduce it, or take it away. That’s why voters enshrined the Kicker in the Constitution.It is beyond disappointing to see the OCPP, a radical Portland-based nonprofit and longtime Kicker opponent, focus all their efforts on taking dollars that belong in the pockets of working Oregonians – and misleading people to do it.”

We warned everyone about this growing trend to take the people’s Kicker Tax Refund back in January in an article called Media tempting to take your $900 Kicker:

“The liberals, media and politicians are chattering about abolishing it.This week, KLCC did a radio segment on 2 views on the Kicker tax Refund.Last month, OPB ran an article talking about a “fresh look” at re-visiting the Kicker Tax Refund law.   OPB disparaged it as a “blunt tool”.   OPB said “Democrats are increasingly pointing to the refund to explain why they can’t pay for a growing list of crises — housing and homelessness, public defense, mental health.”   Hmmmm.   Democrat lawmakers may complain of not having enough tax money but Oregon is in the top 5 biggest State Government budgets (per-capita) in America.  Yet, OPB hints that the Kicker is starving Oregon.Last Fall, The Oregonian ran a letter prompting that the Kicker should instead go to teachers.  Yet, Oregon teachers are the 13th highest paid teachers in America (NEA, 2023).”


If you love your $900 Kicker Refund this year, then support us as we lobby to protect it and have done so for 20 years.  If so, Contribute online at OregonWatchdog.com (learn about a Charitable Tax Deduction or Political Tax Credit options to promote liberty).