Lars on Administration’s new plan for illegal aliens

The White House has rolled out a brand new plan to get rid of illegal aliens and I think it’s a plan that will work.

Well, I can’t seem to get the Governor of Oregon to come on the air with me. But, I was able to get Tony Snow, the President’s spokesman, to come on last week. What he outlined was a brand new program aimed at getting illegal aliens out of American workplaces. It’s a plan that I think is going to work if the Administration gets behind it, and Tony says they will.

It’s the so called “no match” program that we’ve been talking about on the air for a good long time, the better part of four years, where you simply say, if you’re an American employer and you employee somebody whose name does not match their social security number, the federal government will raid your workplace.

The federal government will kick that employee out and deport them from the county and the federal government will impose both civil (that means fines) and possibly criminal (that means jail time) penalties on anybody who employs those people. It’s a plan that I really think has a good chance of working. We’ll watch them to see how much they do to enforce it.