Man stole 80 cars over 30 years. (why we must vote anti-crime)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

This month a local man was sentenced to six years for stealing up to 80 cars over a period of 30 years in Portland.  He would steal people’s vehicles with a make-shift tow truck and proceed to gut the vehicle and sell parts.

This is just one story on how Portland become one of the car theft capitols in America because liberal politicians de-funded police and liberal prosecutor Mike Schmidt let criminals go unprosecuted or under-sentenced for hundreds of cases.

Here is a map of where vehicles have been stolen in Portland (dark red means multiple thefts).


Now, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt is under fire and under a tough re-election campaign from a tough-on-crime prosecutor Nathan Vasquez.   The election is occurring right now in the May Primary.     If you want less crime and less news stories about criminals on a 30-year crime marathon then please check out Nathan Vasquez.

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