Lars Larson: PSU invited protest chaos upon campus

 Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

Appeasing evil didn’t work when England tried it with Germany.

And it won’t work with pro-terrorism protestors on college campuses like PSU.

Still, this state-funded university has taken the side of students who have joined with the bloody hands of Hamas.

Yep, the same terrorist group that slaughtered 12 hundred 6 months ago.

Police forced the pro-terrorism protestors out of Portland’s South Park blocks, so they found a new home on the outside portico at PSU’s Millar library.

And there’s the amazing part.

PSU President Ann Cudd INVITED them to camp out.

Protests at universities around America brought more than 800 arrests, as they should have.

Events at other major universities made them declare campus too dangerous for students and even professors.

President Cudd, who plays Neville Chamberlain in this drama…has already agreed that PSU may end its relationship with Boeing.

Cudd suggests that PSU supports an “exchange of ideas.”

One idea you will hear at PSU is that nonsense “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”, which means erasing the state of Israel.

Anything ideas counter to that, you’re not likely to hear from this bunch.

But I could offer up, “Hey, Hey, PSU, why take the side that wants to exterminate the Jews?”