Kotek and Wheeler have checked out

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Have you seen the news lately?

Portland Mayor Wheeler

• Declined to give a State-of-State speech for a second year in a row
• Let the PSU riot and library occupation drag on for days
• So lax was the library re-taking by police that a half-dozen protesters simply went back inside hours later
• Both Wheeler and Kotek let the 90-day fentanyl emergency order expire this week with nothing accomplished or next step.

Oregon Governor Tina Kotek

• Kotek was late to signing bills on her desk from February Legislative Session
• Upon being late, it didn’t matter because she signed every single bill on her desk
• Kotek finished up her costly, time-consuming 36-county tour of Oregon with no actually news of what she learned
• She decided to investigate on having a First Spouse office after she semi-created the office and had it blow up in her face in a scandal.
• Kotek declined to extend the bottle bill redemption center closing order which helped give relief to shops overwhelmed by drug addicts abusing the center.

Both are just not engaged in the serious and emergency events occurring in our time beyond an occasional vanity press release.

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