Newport to nearly double their gas tax (Measure 21-226)

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

No on Newport Gas Tax Measure 21-226

Oregon has the 14th highest gas tax in America. Much of our gas tax and transportation dollars are being diverted away from critical road repair and instead being used for non-road purposes. (Tax Foundation 8/15/23)

Newport already has a gas tax. Newport is among the few 32 cities that have their own city gas tax, while 209 other Oregon cities do not. Newport should better balance the gas tax revenue it already has instead of nearly DOUBLING the
current one.

Oregon has the nation’s 5th highest gas prices. A 5-cent gas increase would be on top of one of the highest gas prices in America. This means this gas tax hits harder in Oregon than the rest of America. (Source: AAA 3/17/24)

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