Lars Larson: Soros $$ last ditch effort to save this race

 Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

Less than two weeks remain for voters in Oregon’s most populous county to choose between their uber-liberal values…and rising crime, violence, and drugs .

Last time around, they chose a lefty radical named Mike Schmidt for District Attorney…even after they knew Schmidt supported Antifa and BLM.

The new DA delivered what he promised and stopped prosecuting many crimes.

100 nights of riots in the hot summer of 2020 went largely unpunished.

Murders skyrocketed.

Bodies of overdose victims…an average of 2 a day last year…piled up at the morgue.

Now, Mike Schmidt wants voters to keep him in the job.

The evil billionaire George Soros…who has funded so many candidates around America to become prosecutors…on the promise they WON’T prosecute many crimes…has dropped a pile of money on Schmidt’s

More than 200-thousand dollars of in-kind contributions from the Soros funded “working families party”.

Schmidt got more money from Soros than he got from anyone else.

Soros groups have backed a number of the pro-terrorism protests around America causing chaos on college campuses.

And now this funder of evil wants to buy Mike Schmidt four more years to carry out his deadly deeds.

Vote smart: vote Vasquez.