Lars Larson: This week, Biden did the impeachable

 Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

Joe Biden richly deserves impeachment for the deadly choice he’s forcing on our ally, Israel, and in favor of the terrorist group Hamas?

So, what’s Joe’s quid pro quo?

He’s protecting the slaughtering Hamas terrorists from Israel’s understandable efforts to exterminate the architects of October 7th.

Joe told Israel if they go after Hamas in Raffah, then they don’t get the smart bombs.

Israel will still fight, with dumb bombs guaranteed to kill terrorists, but with more civilian collateral damage.

Bottom line: more Gaza kids go to their graves.

Meantime, Tuesday of this week, the day before Joe cut off weapons to Israel, Biden’s State Department notified congress it is green lighting arms sales to Qatar and Lebanon.

Qatar serves as headquarters for Hamas and Iran calls the shots in Lebanon.

American laws forbid arms sales to those countries, but Biden brokered a waiver.

Just like he granted sanctions relief to Iran worth tens of billions of dollars, which funded and trained the October 7th attackers.

Starting to get the real picture of Jihadi Joe?

If that ain’t impeachable “high crimes & misdemeanors” I don’t know what is.