Lars Larson on Fishwrap and Dani

So why should anyone care what the Oregonian publishes?

You should care what the Oregonian publishes because the wire services pick up their story and distribute their point of view to every T.V. and radio station in the state. Many of those stations don’t research and write their own stories like our Radio Northwest stations. They just rip and read and the Fishwrapper’s opinions are transmitted as though they are the accepted truth of Oregon.

This is the same paper that once described Mayor Neil Goldschmidt’s rape of a 14 year old girl as an “affair”.

So, the other night Fishwrap reporter Steve Mayes got on Fox News and told the whole county about the rape of 15 year old Dani Countryman at the hands of two illegals. Except, he never used the word rape and he never used the word murder and he described the rapist and his victim as a couple. He suggested it was the little girl who initiated the sexual event and he told Fox News the rape may have been consensual which is impossible, legally.

That’s why you ought to pay attention””for the evil stuff printed in the Daily Dead Fishwrapper