Mass Deportation is Achievable

Mass Deportation is Achievable

I am generally a fan of The Wall Street Journal, and particularly their editorial section and opinion pages. It’s not so much that I agree with their positions but rather the means by which they present their arguments. And that admiration extends pretty much across the board with their recurring editorialists and contributors. However, (and there is always a however) I tend to view with skepticism the comments of William A. Galston, who among his curriculum vitae is a fellow at the left-leaning Brookings Institute, and who it would appear spends way too much time at the hairdressers to be taken seriously.

In a recent commentary Mass Deportation Won’t Work published last Wednesday, Mr. Galston opines:

“Policies on the issue are beginning to take shape ahead of November. Donald Trump in a recent interview with Time magazine estimated that 15 million people are in the country illegally, and he said that in a second term he would launch a mass deportation operation using local police, the National Guard and, if necessary, military force. Asked by the interviewer if he would override law meant to preclude deploying the military against civilians, Mr. Trump responded: ‘Well, these aren’t civilians. These are people that aren’t legally in our country.’ The interviewer asked if the operation would include building migrant detention camps. ‘We wouldn’t have to do very much of that,” Mr. Trump said, emphasizing that the process would proceed so quickly that encampments generally wouldn’t be necessary’.

“Mr. Trump’s advisers and allies are working on the details of a plan to help him achieve his immigration objectives. The logistics are daunting, as are the legal and diplomatic obstacles. Polls show that while Americans are worried about the issue, they’re deeply split on whether they support immigrant arrests, deportations and detention camps.”

One wonders what logistical expertise that Mr. Galston brings to this debate or is this just another liberal voice throwing up objections without alternatives. The opinion piece quotes former President Donald Trump as saying there are more than fifteen million illegal aliens in America. The fifteen million number is based on contacts (encounters) between immigration officials and the illegals. These are basically the illegals that have entered, sought out immigration officials, claimed asylum based on unsubstantiated pretexts urged by immigrant advocates and released into the country with a boatload of welfare and travel benefits on the bizarre notion that they will voluntarily appear at a deportation hearing sometime in the distant future. A more likely number interpolated from “got away” observations of border officials is between twenty and twenty-five million illegals.

But back to Mr. Galston’s observation that there are too many illegals to actually undertake mass deportation. He is wrong. Wrong from start to finish. Wrong because he doesn’t understand mass deportation. Wrong because he doesn’t want to be harsh. And wrong because he is trying to provide justification for the Democrats underlying rationale for throwing open the borders under former President Barack Obama and continued under current President Joe Biden thus changing the make up of the electorate to sustain Democrat numerical superiority in elections.* If you are going to be critical of a proposal you should have an alternative – particularly when you have already acknowledged that there is a crises and by admitting it have already pegged the fault to the two men most responsible for the crises, Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden. But Mr. Galston does not. And you can rest assured that should Mr. Biden be re-elected and calls for amnesty and a path to citizenship, Mr Galston will be among the first to take to the editorial pages in support and defense of such an outrageous proposal.

Mass deportation is not only feasible, it is necessary. The routine violation of America’s immigration laws by nearly twenty five million illegal aliens from all across the world has not only violated the law but it has increased the transport of illegal and dangerous drugs (fentanyl, cocaine, heroin, and other synthetic pain-killers). It has increased the number of criminals, burdened our social welfare system, overloaded our schools, and perverted our laws and our enforcement purpose – today the men and women of the Border Patrol are tasked with aiding and abetting illegal immigration by providing food, shelter, clothing, transportation to virtually anywhere in the United States and providing them with money, credit cards, and cellphones. Border security has been turned on its head. The deaths of tens of thousand of you men and women are attributable to the drugs being brought across the border – often by the illegal immigrants as their payment to the drug cartels that aid their passage. And perhaps the worst part is that we are inundated with documented terrorists and young men of military age from our two most prominent enemies – China and Iran. It is surprising the one lying dirtbag** in the White House can cause this level of damage to the fabric of our nation – seemingly without guilt or remorse. But I digress.

Before we begin, let’s understand that mass deportation does not require the deportation of all illegal immigrants at once. It basically refers to the systematic removal of a commonly defined group over a period of time. The defined group is those who entered the United States illegally whether they were aided and abetted by Messrs. Obama and Biden or not. The period of time can either be the elapse of time, or, more appropriately a period in which the problem is brought under control.

Next, let’s understand that every person is entitled to due process whether they are a citizen of the United States or not – they only have to be present in America. Due process only requires that notice and an opportunity to be heard are afforded each person. In this case, the twenty-five million illegals have been dispersed throughout the country and it is doubtful that many have, as they were required to do, kept the immigration authorities informed of their location. For those whose location is known, service of notice can be accomplished by officials duly authorized by the adjudicating office on a temporary or permanent basis. For those who cannot be located at the place given by them during their initial encounter with immigration officials and this will be the overwhelming majority of those who have entered since Mr. Biden took office – notice can be accomplished by publication. This may seem like a monumental task but it is not because it is mostly a paper blizzard that can be accomplished by computer. Where personal contact is required, this can be done by a cadre of people at an expense that is for less that the cost of continuing to support the illegals who are here.

To provide some systematic approach, the deportation should be prioritized. I would suggest the following:

  1. The men and women identified as being on terrorist watch list or who are wanted for crimes in their host counties.

  2. The men and women of military age that have entered without families.

  3. The men and women convicted of misdemeanors or felonies involving personal injury, or property theft and/or damage.

  4. The men and women arrested and/or charged with transporting and/or distribution of Class I drugs (fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamine, etc.) and/or human trafficking.

  5. Those having entered the country since the commencement of Mr. Biden’s term in office.

  6. Those suffering from ailments that require sustained treatment.

  7. Those having entered illegally but are neither married or have children.

  8. Those have entered illegally, but have been in the country longer than ten years and who have achieved demonstrable employment.

  9. All others.

As you work your way to each category you will see that there is some overlap – for instance those in the first four categories will also be in the fifth category but not visa versa. The point being that processing in the first categories will reduce the necessary processing in the latter categories. In addition those in the latter four categories should be reviewed to determine whether they should be given a conditional work visa that requires three things: demonstration of employment, avoidance of criminal activities, and a waiver of the right to apply for citizenship unless they return to their host country and seek immigration legally.

All of this will require a significant, albeit temporary, increase in hearings officers and support. There are a host of retired judges and lawyers (me included) who, with minimal training, can conduct those hearings and determine whether claims for asylum are proven. In those instance where illegals are served by notice and fail to appear for adjudication, their claim can be denied as being without substantive evidence and an arrest warrant issued for their deportation. History – recent history has demonstrated that over eighty percent of the requests for asylum lack any substantive evidence. The point is that when the asylum requests are adjudicated and denied (including denial for failure to appears, deportation and arrest warrants can be issued and the matter becomes a transportation logistics issue. There are literally hundreds of service men and women trained in such logistics that can be utilized either pre- or post-service.

The point here is that the task is large but it is not so large that it cannot be done with relative efficiency and at a cost far less than the economic burden currently being imposed on taxpayers through their local, state and federal officials to provide for the illegal immigrants. It is those who wish to use illegal immigration as a means of changing the demographics that have thrown up their hand in despair that a problem they created is too big to solve. Don’t believe them – it is just another lie.

As I noted in the beginning mass deportation is not only conceivable but necessary. It’s time to do it – just as soon as soon as we get rid of the dirtbag in the White House.


* You would be correct to note that voting in federal elections requires you to be a citizen. However we are already seeing the Democrats demanding that those here illegally are counted for census purposes – primarily reapportionment for elections to the House of Representatives. They are working hard to allow illegals to vote in city and state elections.

** Normally I would provide a level of respect for those who hold public office – it is often couched in terms of respect for the office. However when the office holder treats the office with disrespect – as has been Mr. Biden – the reason for the rule disappears and so does the respect. The respect is a gratuitous gift which can be and is revoked with regard to Mr. Biden as a direct result of this abuse of his office.