Lars Larson: What 9th Circuit Ct. just did to Oregon

 Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

If you liked Governors Brown and Kotek setting criminals free, you’re gonna LOVE what the 9th Circus Court just did to Oregon.

The Court says if an accused criminal sits in jail seven days without a taxpayer funded attorney, he or she walks free.

The Constitution, of course, guarantees an attorney.

Only the shysters in the defense bar are lying.

Oregon now spends north of a quarter billion on free lawyers for crooks…better funding than most states.

We had plenty of defense attorneys before the pandemic, when we prosecuted twice as many criminals.

So, what changed?

The law used to make it illegal for an attorney to refuse to take an indigent case.

So, Oregon Democrats erased that law.

It’s lawyer extortion, plain and simple.

Meantime, the criminals walk free.

And what’s that do to the public?

Dissenting 9th Circus Court Judge Patrick Bumatay puts it this way. “…those being released are not sitting there for some petty offense(s)…they are accused of rape, kidnap, strangulation (and)
assaulting (cops).”

Those criminals now get set free, back into Oregon communities.

This is the ugliness that single party Democrat rule has delivered.