Rescued hostages a rebuke to Senator Merkley’s delay tactics

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Oregon U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley called for a ceasefire within three weeks of the Hamas attack on Israel (killing 1,200) is now looking worse by the week after 4 Israeli hostages were freed this week.

Merkley wanted negotiations. Israel did make offers, such as offering to set-free 600 Hamas prisoners, including 100 murderers, in exchange for 40 innocent captured and often tortured and raped Israeli civilians from the October 7th attack. Hamas refused. Hamas said they wanted 1,000 prisoners released.

Senator Jeff Merkley asked that military aid to Israel be stopped. This is the very aid that is being used by Israel to help set free the hostages.   In total together, Oregon U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley is asking Israel to stop attempting to free hostages (which include 5 American hostages) since the very beginning and to stop helping Israel help free the hostages by blocking military aid being used to rescue hostages.

Also, a few days ago it was announced that four more hostages were confirmed dead.  Hamas not only rejected deals to free the hostages, they are outright killing them — a third have been killed.

Oregon U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley’s pro-Hamas and anti-Israel stall/delay tactics are a gross failure.

This is a taxpayer issue, because taxpayers fund military aid and taxpayers want that very military aid to go towards rescuing American hostages being held by a U.S. and EU recognized terrorist organization called Hamas. Hamas has been criticized by both Obama, Trump and Biden officials for stealing U.S humanitarian aid (also a U.S. taxpayer expense) and using the stolen aid to build weapons to attack Israel and take Americans hostage.

— Watch the tearful hostage news video below.