Lars Larson: on OR & WA Sanctuary Cities

By Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

Washington and Oregon have tried the Sanctuary State experiment and learned it ends up killing far too many citizens.

Sanctuary means the states forbid police turning over illegals arrested for other crimes to Customs and Border protection.

Cops who break that rule get disciplined or fired, believe it or not.

Oregon did it almost 40 years ago and Washington followed up five years ago.

What’s happened since?

Lots of people killed and raped and assaulted by Illegal aliens.

Illegals are about 5 percent of the state’s populations…but 14 percent of convicted killers in state prisons…and 18 percent of convicted rapists.

Mexican drug cartels which traffic illegals across our border also control the deadly fentanyl that’s killing your sons, daughters and friends.

And now we have Open Borders Joe Biden, who campaigned that he would demand illegals “surge” the border. He welcomed them with loaded debit cards, airline tickets and hotel rooms in big cities.

What could possibly go wrong?

Now, some Oregon republicans have grown spines and say they’ll put a repeal of Sanctuary to a vote in the next legislative session.