Portland’s 15,000 free ACs — while Biden blocks them

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon


The City of Portland plans to give away 15,000 free air conditioners in the next two years.

At the same time, the Biden administration is working to make getting and using air conditioners more difficult.

The NY Post reports, “Now, in the latest episode of Team Biden’s “war on appliances,” the Energy Department has turned its attention to air conditioners, specifically room air conditioners of the sort used disproportionately by poor people, minorities and the elderly to keep cool in summer heat.New energy-efficiency regulations promise to make these units more expensive for consumers and potentially less reliable and less effective at, you know, actually cooling things off. …More than 80% of heat-related deaths in America are among people over 60.Many older people live in older buildings without central air. Their only prospect for staying cool during summer heat waves may be a room or window-unit air conditioner, which will see price hikes and quality drops under these new rules.”

We now have a situation where government is making something more expensive and rare while giving it away for free.