Lars Larson: How Politicians protect themselves at our expense

By Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

Politicians who deny the safety and security to citizens should get none for themselves.

I figure that’s fair.

Consider the story in the Fishwrapper:

Portland plans to spend almost 9 million bucks to hire private armed security for government.

The same city that stripped millions from police budgets after a deadly mob took to the streets 4 years ago, demanding “defund the police” and “all cops are bastards“.

The city and county paid attention to them and ignore you!

Multnomah County commissioners plan to spend 8 million bucks a year on their own private security.

The County budget message brags about “build (ing) a criminal justice system that moves away from incarceration and punishment”.

So, the same folks who defunded police and don’t want to lock up criminals …making the lives of citizens miserable as violent and property crime climbs…get SPECIAL protection for themselves.

To Hell with ‘em.

If they want to cut cops and jails and let criminals run loose, they should have to face the same dangers as the citizens they allegedly serve.