Tie-breaker coin flip over House #8 GOP Primary

By Oregon Campaign Watch,

Two write-in candidates for Oregon State Representative in the recent May Primary each received seven write-in votes.  This forces a tie-breaking coin flip.

State Elections said in their release “Elections officials in Salem will perform a tie breaker to determine the winner of the Republican Party primary election for State Representative District 8. In keeping with ORS 254.575, when there is a tie in an election for state representative, officials with the Oregon Elections Division “decide by lot who is elected.” Officials have elected to decide the contest by flipping a coin.No candidate filed to run for the Republican nomination in State Representative District 8. Lisa Fragala and Doyle E Canning, the Democratic Party primary candidates for HD 8, each received seven write-in votes for the Republican nomination, resulting in a tie. Under ORS 249.048, Doyle E Canning is barred from receiving the Republican nomination.”