Lars Larson: How long before Biden exits?

By Lars Larson
NW and national radio host,

Those of us who tuned in for the Biden train wreck in the debate did not go away disappointed.

Bad news for America in the short run because we have become a banana republic whose chief executive is a few bananas short of a bunch.

Good news…Donald Trump mopped the floor with Slo Joe.

No wonder they don’t let this guy out in public much.

Right out of the gate, Biden mumbled, he froze, he stuttered…and when he did get out a sentence, it often wandered off the question to places unknown, to the point that President Trump replied “I don’t have any idea what he just said and I don’t think he does either”.

Biden bragged that he’d brought 15-thousand new jobs to America when he meant 15 million.

He claimed America has a thousand trillionaires.

And the bizarre lie he’s told too many times, that his son Beau died “in Iraq”.

If you watched the debacle, you saw history last night, the effective end of the Biden Presidency.

Democrats who work closely with Biden must know he’s this bad, they see it up close and in person.

Yet in recent weeks they’ve gone in front of cameras to praise his acuity and energy.

Now, we have to wonder how soon the Democrat Party kicks Slo Joe to the curb, how they sideline hapless Kamala Harris, and who draws the short straw to take over the losing campaign…and then lose to President Trump November 5th.