Candidate calls to reform HB 3115

Springfield House Candidate Calls for Reform of House Bill 3115

By Cory Burket campaign,

SCOTUS returns power to local communities to protect streets, parks, and public spaces from homeless camps

Springfield, Ore. – The United States Supreme Court’s decision in Grants Pass v. Johnson returned power to local communities to regulate homeless camping. However, the new decision will have a limited impact on Oregon thanks to a 2021 law requiring cities to follow restrictively vague guidelines on regulating homeless camps.

Cory Burket, candidate for House District 7 in Springfield, is calling on state lawmakers to take immediate action to give local officials the power the Supreme Court has rightfully given them.

“For years, bad court decisions have kept local governments from responding effectively to the homelessness crisis,” Burket said. “I applaud the Supreme Court for returning power back to our local communities. But now, HB 3115 is upholding Oregon’s failing and inhumane status quo. City officials’ hands will remain tied until we update or completely repeal this law. HB 3115 is vague and unhelpful to cities trying to be responsive to the homelessness situations in their communities and even opens them up to frivolous lawsuits from activist groups. I urge the Legislature to convene a special session to take immediate action. If not, Oregon will surely attract homeless from other states that start using their authority to clean up their streets.”