Rep. Hanna New GOP Leader

House Republican Press Release 8-30-07:

House Republican Caucus Selects New Leadership Team for 2007-08

SALEM”” Oregon House Republicans today elected Rep. Bruce Hanna (R-Roseburg) as House Republican Leader. The caucus also elected Rep. Andy Olson (R-Albany) as Deputy Republican Leader; Rep. Gene Whisnant (R-Sunriver) as Republican Whip and; Rep. Linda Flores (R-Clackamas) as Deputy Republican Whip.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to lead our caucus and to help build the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives,” Rep. Hanna said. “This election signals a new beginning for the caucus, but a renewed commitment to leading Oregon toward a stronger economy, safer communities and a more efficient state government.”

Rep. Hanna said he will draw upon the experience and knowledge of all caucus members, especially former caucus leaders Rep. Wayne Scott (R-Canby) and Rep. Karen Minnis (R-Wood Village).

“I want to thank Rep. Scott for his strong leadership, and I will call on him and Rep. Minnis to provide continued guidance and perspective,” Rep. Hanna said. “Over the coming months, I will count on all 28 members to work as hard as they can to make 2008 a successful year for House Republicans.”

With a new leadership team in place, Rep. Hanna said the caucus will now begin preparing for the February Special Session. He has appointed Rep. Dennis Richardson (R-Central Point) to chair the House Republican Policy Committee. The panel of senior caucus members will develop strategy and policy for the session.

“In addition to organizing our caucus for February, I have contacted the House and Senate leadership of both parties to discuss the upcoming Special Session,” Rep. Hanna said. “In an election year, a limited agenda and bipartisan cooperation will be necessary to make this session a success.”


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  • Carl

    Hanna sounds like as big a wimp as any of them, without any new ideas whatsoever. More of the same crap. So I’m sure we needn’t expect much from the Republicans over the next 2 years or so. Which is all as well — the Democrats clearly have the advantage now anyway, and the better ideas….

  • John Fairplay

    Well, his three points – a stronger economy, safer communities and a more efficient state government – are the exact opposites of what the Democrats are achieving.

  • Anonymous

    Hana will be a great fit. I think he will be the chance to take back the house in the coming years

  • Anon

    Actually, John, a stronger economy, safer communities, and a more efficient state government are the exact things that the Democrats HAVE been delivering in their new majority — in addition to better schools, health care, transportation, and ethics.

    After years of R prolific spending, D’s set created a Rainy Day Fund and locked away $460 million in that fund. After years of R cuts to Oregon State Police, D’s added back 100 State Troopers. After years of R’s cutting state audits, D’s restored and strengthened audits to root out government inefficiency.

    It’s nice to see the House Republicans’ new leadership jump on board the House Democrats’ train!

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