Lars Larson on GOP Perverts

Let’s talk about Senator Larry Craig and what the Left believes about homosexuality and bathroom sex.

Larry Craig pleaded guilty. He pleaded guilty to a lesser, included charge of disorderly conduct and he did it because his conduct was trying to get sex out of an undercover cop in a bathroom stall in the Minneapolis airport.

I went on Larry King the other night, along with Randi Rhodes and a few other people””a judge and a gay man. The gay man said, “Gay men aren’t trying to solicit sex in bathrooms.” Well, you might be surprised. The cops say it’s happening all over America, so that shows one lie from the left.

The second lie, Randi Rhodes says the GOP is the party of perverts. Well, look, there are flawed people everywhere in America and society. But, when the GOP finds flawed individuals within its ranks we boot them out very, very quickly because we have values and we have standards.

On the other hand, consider the fact that the left wing still sticks up for Barney Frank connected to a Capitol Hill prostitution ring and he’s still representing Massachusetts. Add that one up.