Do NOT Cash Your Kicker!

Don’t Cash Your Kicker!

Oregonians unite! When your kicker check arrives in December sometime, simply refuse to cash it. If we all do this, we can help the state achieve greatness. Here are some things we will be able to do if everyone simply tears their kicker check up.


1. Expand light rail from Portland to Eugene, with plenty of bike racks in the transit vehicles.
2. Increase funding for health care so that all children living at home, up to age 55, will be covered for medical, dental, vision, and prescription, for families making $180,000 per year or less.
3. Purchase SMART cars to replace all vehicles for the Oregon State Highway Patrol to save fuel costs and improve their image.4. Reduce the raw sewage still flowing into the Willamette by two million pounds per year, a 50% reduction!
5. Increase spending on the arts and culture so that previously unemployed people can obtain jobs and benefit the state and its people through the creation of wonderful art projects throughout.
6. Expand the very successful Portland WI-FI to blanket the state, from Seaside to Burns and beyond. This will help connect all of us into one big, happy, statewide community.
7. Follow the Governor’s lead and pre-purchase carbon offset credits for every man, woman, and child in the state. This way, we are all doing our part.