Sara Evans’ ex-husband Craig Schelske wins settlement in slander lawsuit

by Bill Post

Craig Schelske announced he won a settlement out of court with the attorneys who represented his ex-wife Sara Evans, the country star, in his suit claiming slander and defamation of character.

Craig has been battling for this day for nearly two years. This is not only a victory for Craig personally but for all people who have been trampled on and dragged through the mud in a divorce. He is working with a new non-profit organization to help those who have been through this type of situation called The attorney he sued was John Hollins Sr., a very prominent and powerful attorney to “the stars” of Nashville.

If this had gone to court, some of your favorite Country Music stars would have been dragged in and it would have gotten very ugly. This attorney and his staff went beyond the norms to smear Craig and now he has defeated this very powerful firm and kept faithful to his Christianity!

This is just one of the many ways Craig was STILL being attacked as recently as last summer when Sara Evan’s new boyfriend, ex-NFL player Jay Barker, claimed that Craig was “possessed by Satan”.

Now, the good news:

From Craig today: “After nearly 5 years the self-proclaimed “attorney to the stars”, Nashville’s , or better yet, “Music City’s” finest divorce attorney, recipient of the much coveted Best Lawyer’s Award, who represented such notables as Trisha Yearwood and LeAnn Womack, oh, and Sara Evans, surrendered yesterday to little ‘ol me.”

Also this from Craig: “Hollins (Nashville’s finest) has to pay me a settlement, issue an apology, and I am completely free to tell my entire story. My enemy folded under the pressure that the truth was going to decimate him and prove his public statement was a lie and his actions pure buffoonery. I am so grateful to God and to all of my true friends!!! More on this later…”

For the full story on what happened in the divorce case and all that Craig has been through click here.

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