Lars on Comish Sam

It’s an ugly situation at Portland City Hall and a lesson for the rest of us.

Down at Portland City Hall there is another little sex scandal going on. You all remember the one that happened about 30 years ago, when, then Mayor Neil Goldschmidt decided to rape a 14 year old girl. He’s never been indicted or convicted for it, but he admitted doing it.

Well, back in those days I guess they went kind of easy on that kind of nonsense. These days it seems like some of the same rules apply.

Commissioner Sam Adams, who is a city commissioner that comes on the talk show from time to time, was willing to talk about it yesterday. How he mentored a young boy, then 17. Took him to lunch, took him to dinner, took him to one of the art shows, and all the time mentoring the young man because he was coming out of the closet as a homosexual.

Awfully nice of Sam Adams but the problem is foolish for a politician to do and not the appropriate kind of thing for anybody, male or female, to do with a child”‚ÄĚsomebody else’s child.

Keep your hands away from those kids.