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In the next few hours one of America’s most noted and high-profiled rivals in world affairs will be speaking at Columbia University. Highly controversial, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s appearance is heralded by some as a testimony to America’s freedom and demonized as a bully pulpit for an outspoken opponent of America’s interests by others.

President Bush had this to say:

He’s the head of a state sponsor of terror, and yet, an institution in our country gives him the chance to express his point of view, which really speaks to the freedoms of the country. I’m not so sure I’d offer the same invitation, but nevertheless, it speaks volumes about the greatness, really, of America. We’re confident enough to let a person express his views. I just really hope he tells everybody the truth.

Ahmadinejad had this to say at the National Press Club this morning:

When we take a look around us, we are not happy with what we see. Threats of war have affected everyone. Continuous wars have in fact hurt the human spirit. If we look at the root cause of some of these problems, we will be able to think about how to build a better future, a more prosperous future based on peace and security of all humanity.

Who do you believe?