21% pay raises! Is this what Measure 50 is paying for?

The Oregonian ran a superb story today about Governor Kulongoski approving 16-21% pay increases for state agency directors. Jason Williams of the Taxpayer Association was quoted as saying “The budget grew by 21 percent and now we realize where a lot of that money was going, It’s going to payroll and not necessarily to textbooks and potholes.” Notice that the average Oregonian family is not witnessing their budget grow 20%, and you understand why the politicians are spending faster than the people’s ability to pay. Consider also, how the near quarter billion cigarette tax, Measure 50, is being promoted to help fund health care for kids when most of the money is not going to the kids. With 21% pay increase for human service directors, we better understand where our taxes are REALLY going. Another solid reason to Vote no on Measure 50.