Chart shows wild absenteeism for Mult. County

Oregonian reporter Arthur Gregg Sulzberger uncovered huge absenteeism rates among Multnomah County Commissioners this summer (article here). Taxpayers deserve better from the County, and hats off to the County Auditor who put in more than an eight hour day on average this summer (see second chart).

Missed Summer Office Days (of 65):
Lisa Nato 42
Lonnie Roberts 30
Maria de Steffey 26
Jeff Cogan 18
Chair Ted Wheeler 14
Auditor Griffin-Valade 13

Hours at the office
Lisa Nato 4.5
Lonnie Roberts 3.75
Maria de Steffey 5.5
Jeff Cogan 6
Chair Ted Wheeler 6.5
Auditor Griffin-Valade 8.5

This reflects poorly upon the county and dishonors the county workers who work a hard days shift trying to run a very difficult county. The county’s police and fire do not have such luxury.