Lars Larson on Kate Brown

If Senator Kate Brown wants to become Secretary of State, she better learn something about the subject.

Late last week, I heard an amazing piece of audio on my flagship radio station radio KXL. Senator Kate Brown who is now running for Secretary of State made some amazing statements. She was asked straight out, “Should people have to prove that they are citizens to be able to vote in Oregon?”

The Secretary of State is the number one voting official in Oregon, guaranteed or at least supposed to try and guard, the voting system. What did she answer? Yes or No? Of course not. She said, “Well, my stepson is going down to get registered to vote and he’ll have to prove that he’s a citizen.”

Number one, that is factually incorrect. You don’t have to prove you’re a citizen in Oregon, even though you should have to prove that you’re a citizen. So, either Kate Brown is woefully misinformed about the office she’s running for, or she knows that what she said was untrue and said it anyway to avoid a serious question on a serious issue. Either way, she doesn’t deserve to be Secretary of State if she doesn’t know the facts about the office she’s running for.