Voters can strike back at Damascus council’s arrogance of power

by Ask Damascus

Why should Damascus vote NO on 3-375

Almost 400 Damascus citizens signed and collected petitions during the rainy and snowy Christmas break in order to let you vote on this plan and its sizable debt.

According to Metro the expense is in excess of 3 billion dollars ! That is 500 thousand dollars per household !

After adopting the plan in December, 2010 it is revealed at the 1/18/11 city council meeting that the city did get an estimate of 1.5 to 4 billion dollars.  This is the first time cost is brought to the public and a month after adopting the plan.

What are people saying about this plan?

In April of 2011 the entire citizen involvement committee resigned. Said Diana Lobo, committee chairwoman “We didn’t feel it was appropriate or right for us to be complicit in the lack of citizen involvement in the city,”. (4/11/2010 Oregonian)

In the May, 2010 issue of the city news councilor Diana Helm wrote “We’ve forged ahead with the comprehensive plan with limited citizen involvement…”

Since that May of 2010 statement, the council has refused recommendations of the planning commission and held a council meeting, passing the plan, at which the city attorney requested citizens not mention the plan.

Councilor Randy Shannon “Who is going to pay for it?  That’s a political decision we’re going to have to make down the road.”  (1/18/11 council meeting)

See him say it here

Payment of this debt has not even been considered.  Our county, state and country are broke due to this kind of spending and now the city wants to join the list.

Any plan should include how it will be paid for.

North Clackamas School district has testified against the plan as the property they purchased for a new school has been placed in an overlay preventing them from building their school.

Draining our families and hurting our schools this is quite a plan.

VOTE  NO  ON 3-375

See councilors Shannon and Jackman explain Who pays for the Metro plan is “political”.