Gov. proposes 2 drivers licenses

Gov. Ted Kulongoski has proposed two different types of Oregon driver’s licenses. The new type being for people who cannot prove their citizenship. In defense of the new ID types the governor’s office said ” there are some who can’t — or don’t want to — hand over citizenship documents.”

Does this solve the ID question, or make matters worse? We report, you comment.

  • devietro

    Good and where is the 2nd part of this that says these new ID’s wont be good for voter registration or other citizen requirement processes.

  • Bob Mulroy

    It’s just quid pro quo. They did vote for him after all…

  • Richard

    The simple and limited government solution is stop using Drivers licenses as ID and come up with a state ID card.

  • Anonymous

    If driving is a “privilege” and not a “right,” why do we grant this privilege to people who AREN’T EVEN ALLOWED TO BE HERE, let alone DRIVE here?

    No, Mr. Governor, this is NOT a compromise solution to ANYTHING.

  • Steve Plunk

    Anonymous is correct.

    I’ve always hated the idea that driving is a privilege. If government decides what is a privilege and what is a right we will see abuse of that power. Citizens should look at any legal activity as a right. The burden should be on the government is they wish to revoke that right.

    Non-citizens should have no rights beyond humane, fair treatment while visiting.


    They are in this country illegally therefore if they are driving it’s another criminal act regardless of whether Oregon is foolish enought to let them.

    Lets return them to their country of origin and they can drive all they want, legally!

    • common sense Carl

      I knew you’d be here. I’ll bet your blood pressure went up.

      • CRAWDUDE

        Only a little….

  • Anonymous

    If I was in charge, this would be the plan:

    Announce a new omnibus program to give all sorts of benefits to illegals.

    Hype up the plan to great extent, especially with paid ads on Spanish-language radio and print ads.

    Declare, as part of the policy, there is a short time-frame to get benefits because it is limited to who is already here, and not for people coming in.

    Also declare, as part of the policy, that it will be limited to the first 100,000 to sign up (something about “those who need it most will be sure to get in line early” or something).

    Announce that there will be a massive sign-up at some easily accessible and wide-open place capable of holding that many people (like a sports stadium or something).

    Let them get in line. Let them wait outside for a long time. Then open the doors and let them in.

    Then close the doors and surround the place with ICE. Have the National Guard ready to provide backup support/crowd control.

    Problem solved.

    Vote for me!

  • Jerry

    Per usual this guy is completely out of his mind.