High paying University System job and huge PERS increase reward for key vote?

Americans for Prosperity

AFP PERS Reform Ad Focuses on Politician Who Received Controversial Appointment to University System Job



Sublimity – With States across America reforming the way government employees are compensated, AFP-Oregon continued its ten-week television ad project to educate Oregonians about problems with the State’s Public Employee Retirement System (PERS) and to urge reform of the system during the 2011 Legislative Session.  The series will highlight some of the public officials who have cost taxpayers millions in cost overruns on public projects or lawsuit settlements, or have been accused of self-dealing, and are now eligible for generous pensions – all financed by the hard-working families of Oregon.   Viewers are encouraged to visit www.americansforprosperityoregon.com to learn more, and to contact their Legislators to demand reform of the troubled retirement system.

The fifth ad in this series, which began running this week, features former Community College Instructor and State Legislator Larry Galizio.  Galizio was appointed to a job in the Oregon University System by former Governor Ted Kulongoski.  The appointment “raised eyebrows” in Salem as it gave the appearance that Galizio had changed his vote on a bill to stop a resort on the Metolius River – a vote the Governor wanted – for his new position.  Galizio had met repeatedly prior to the vote with the Governor’s Chief of Staff.  After a brief time at OUS, Galizio was hired as President of Clatsop Community College, a job for which many believed he was unqualified.  Ultimately, Galizio swapped his $20,000 per year Legislator’s position for the $125,000 per year plus benefits position at the small Community College on the Oregon Coast (at the link, see Page 115).  Under Oregon law, Galizio’s 6 years in the Legislature will be credited as though he were paid at the $125,000 rate during that time.

“Taxpayers in our state are struggling under a growing burden from PERS,” noted AFP-Oregon State Director Jeff Kropf.  “For too long, the Legislature and the Governor have failed to act to curb double-dipping and self-dealing.  It’s time for strong action that will remove Legislators, the Governor and Oregon Judges from PERS, and require all government employees to pay at least 6 percent of their salaries into their ownretirement plans.  Without these and other steps, PERS will continue to be an albatross around the neck of Oregon’s private sector.”

The AFP-Oregon ads are running in media markets across the State.

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  • Sickofit

    What a bozo.

  • CylviaSways

    Know scat Sherlock, this is what the Demz are doing to US.

  • Fedupwithdems

    This is old news. The Larry Galizio appointment was an obvious reward for changing his vote on the Metolious issue. Better yet is the appointment of Margeret Doherty to replace him. She is only loyal to the teachers unions. She does not represent the citizens or taxpayers in her district. Once again, the fix is in. I would like to see a performance review for Mr. Galizio. Is he doing anything for the citizens of Oregon?

  • Rob DeHarpport

    The corruption continues…..

  • Sickofit

    No dem is doing anything for Oregon. Wake up you morons.

  • Sickofit

    This guy is the very reason the word doofus was invented.

  • Taxpayer6

    In New Mexico their PERA system calculated based on the last 2 paychecks. Politicians would work those last to pay periods for the Greater Rio Grand Conservancy District at the top step grade possible as a state worker. Legislature finally plugged this loophole. the last person to benefit was: the Chairman of PERA (PERA= NM PERS)

    • Conservatively Speaking

      Variations to continue in Oregon. Common practice for high schools is athletic director rotation. Certainly, many other observed perkies can be supplied by readers.

      One former deed, MC Sherriff, Fred Pearce, appointed and served a minimum period as OSP director to ramp up his PERS. Today, Kitzhaber minion-ees, Michael Jordan and Lynn Peterson on top of Margaret Carter, all over the top examples. Of curse, never forget Jane Cease.

      Back on the ground, what group gets to factor UNLIMITED sick leave into their annuity? Clue, such ‘gratis’ all but extinct in the private sector.

      And the bleep goes on….

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