Poll: US open to schools for illegal immigrants

Below is a Poll by Oregon pollster Moore Information. Catch the Full Poll here:

A majority of voters nationwide today believe children of illegal immigrants should be allowed to attend local public schools, but do not necessarily believe these children are also entitled to U.S. citizenship.

Should children of illegal immigrants
be allowed to attend local public schools, or not?

Should 56%
Don’t know 6%
Should not 38%

Should children born in the United States
to parents who are in the country illegally
be entitled to U.S. citizenship, or not?

Should 49%
Don’t know 5%
Should not 46%

Public Schooling for Children of Illegal Immigrants By a margin of 56-38%, voters nationwide say that children of illegal immigrants should be allowed to attend public schools. The remaining 6% have no opinion. Reactions by subgroup show the leading differences in attitudes are partisan driven. For example, three-in-four Democrats believe children of illegal immigrants should be allowed to attend public schools (75% should/22% should not), as do a majority of Independents (53% should/39% should not). But among Republicans, the majority takes the other viewpoint (56% say these children should not be allowed to attend public schools while 38% say they should). There is consensus agreement among all Democrats that children of illegal immigrants should be allowed to attend public schools, but among Republicans there are differences by philosophy. For example, self-described very Conservative Republicans widely oppose allowing these children to attend public schools (25% should/67% should not), and a majority of somewhat Conservative Republicans also share this view (41/53%), but Moderate Republicans are divided on the issue (49/47%)

Looking at other subgroups, we find women of all ages and men age 18 29 in wide agreement that children of illegal immigrants should be allowed to attend public schools, but men age 30 and older are divided on the issue. Additionally, educating children of illegal immigrants in public schools is more widely supported by postgraduates than by voters with less education, but voters in households with lower annual incomes ($20,000 or less) are more supportive than voters in higher income households. Looking at ethnicity, Hispanic/Latino voters are more likely to support public education for children of illegal National Views on Education for Children of Illegal Immigrants

2 immigrants than are voters of other ethnic backgrounds, though majorities of Caucasians and other minorities also share this sentiment.

Citizenship for Children of Illegal Immigrants When it comes to the question of whether children born in the United States to illegal immigrant parents should be entitled to U.S. citizenship; 49% of voters say these children should be entitled to U.S. citizenship, but 46% disagree and the remaining 5% have no opinion.

Looking at party affiliation, majorities of Democrats say children of illegal immigrants should be entitled to U.S. citizenship, but majorities of Republicans disagree and Independents are divided. Delving deeper into partisanship, we find a majority of Conservative Republicans would not guarantee citizenship to children born in the U.S. to illegal immigrants, but Moderate Republicans are divided. Moderate and Liberal Democrats take the other side of this issue and would guarantee citizenship to these children, but sentiment is divided among self-described Conservative Democrats.

Among other key demographic subgroups, guaranteed citizenship for children born in the U.S. to illegal immigrants is supported by voters age 18-29, postgraduates and minorities (though support is more widespread among Hispanics/Latinos). At the same time, sentiment is divided among voters age 30 and older, voters with a four-year college degree or less education and Caucasians voters.

Catch the Full Poll here:

  • Jerry

    More proof, if you need it, of people’s stupidity.


    Yawn, this would fly in the face of the national polls that go between 70-80% to have the illegals sent home.

    Propoganda polls should not be on this site……………….Moore poll? Wasn’t it just last week someone on here was trying to find their Head Quarters since the oner downtown is shuttered? Hmmmm, sounds like someone named more is sitting at home coming up with his own stats.

    I just read the the Crawdude Polling Institute found the 4 out of 5 legal American citizens want illegals deported, do not pass go, do not recieve welfare….

    • Dylan


      Huhh?!? Just because you don’t agree with the results doesn’t make the poll propoganda. Try harder! A. This is a national poll too. B. It doesn’t shock me that the American electorate has a different opinion when it comes the children of immigrants that are born in the United States rather than illegal immigrants themselves. Honestly, I expected more compassion than the results illustrated in the Moore poll. C. I am going to assume your smart enough to know that Bob Moore is one of the top Republican pollsters in the country and a prefered pollster to many local campaigns.

      • CRAWDUDE

        Moores Polls are a joke, his employers bring him their ideas and he devises a way to get them the results they want. If you were to have stated that both sides of the political spectrum used and trusted him such as they do say, Zogby, I’d give it a little more creedance. Incidently even Zogby admits that polls are no longer very accurate due to the change in US demographics.

        I am smart enough to not take what a GOP Pollster or DNC Pollster report on a quesion as anything but their own self serving result.

        The GOP pols are in the pockets of the corps that are using cheap illegal manpower to line their pockets. The GOP and DNC citizen members have shown that they are 70-80% opposed to illegal immigration which would be contradictory to this poll stating that they want illegals educated in our schools. They’d actually like the removed so the resources can be used to educate their children.

        Try these links please, these are only a few of a mass list of national polls done by CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, CNN and various interest groups both pro and con on the illegal immigration side. Not one has a reult evn closely relating the poll in this article. It was maufactured to produce it result!





  • Dylan

    HAHA!!! Become educated before you speak …

    I’ll deal with them in reverse order …

    Link #4 A quote at the bottom of YOUR poll … “Voters Favor Creating Opportunities to Legalize the Status of Illegal Residents and Back Policies Aimed at Reducing the Flow of Immigrants into the Country. Narrow Majority Supports Recent Federal Round-Ups of Illegal Residents. Growing Opposition to a Border Fence.” Seriously … learn to read because you just did yourself a disservice.

    Link #3 I skimmed the article … and only saw the mention of poll of African American that dealt with the economic burden of illegal immigrants. Nothing in the article or the poll from what I am briefly given deals with children or education. How does this disprove Moore’s work? Are African American’s more representative that a national poll?

    Link #2 “A 44% plurality of respondents said eliminating automatic U.S. citizenship for babies born to undocumented immigrants in the United States would be ‘effective’ in controlling illegal immigration.” In Moore’s poll that number is 38%, considering the margin of error in both polls and the fact that they are polled at different times. Sounds to me like Mr. Crazy Partisan Moore is pretty accurate.

    Link #1 “A Rasmussen Report survey of 1000 adults taken from April 30-May 1st, 2007 found that: 56% oppose granting citizenship to the child of an illegal alien born in the United States.” In Mr. Moore’s poll, the number is 46%. Obviously the margin of 10 points in this is slightly larger then the one above but no where near the 70-80 that you talked about in your first comment.

    Manufactured? Please …. You’re an idiot. Pointing to polls that disprove your position … articles that don’t list the methodology or have ANYTHING that mentions the topic at hand … And then pointing to polls with numbers near Mr. Moore’s poll.

    And if you don’t know why some pollsters specialized in work with one party … then you’ve clearly never worked on a campaign or have a practical understand how polling is used within a political organization.

    You can make shit up with other people but I’ll call you on it.


      We can go on like this all day Dylan but since you found the need to curse and make personal attacks against me you’re not worth rebutting your rebuttals.

      You do have my pity since you haven’t the ability to carry on a debate with out personal attacks and showing your ignorance by cursing when other adjectives would work just as well.

      • Dylan

        Here is another descriptive word for you … “Hypocrite!”

        a) You personally attacked Bob Moore well before I called you on being an idiot.
        b) For the record … a simple search reveals you’ve used the word “idiot” nine time on OregonCatalyst already.
        c) And for the record … what is my curse word? “Making SHIT up?” Sorry … that this word intimidates you sooo much.

        FACT … you’re running home with your tail between your legs because I used your own “facts” against you.

        Peace Out … idiot!

        • CRAWDUDE

          You poor pitiful human, I hope you find some peace in your life soon.

          • Anonymous

            Crawdude – Dylan is rabidly pro-illegal alien.

          • Dylan

            haha…. this is classic! Go back to Canada Mr. Liver! See you on Friday. ; )

    • Dylan

      Crawdude raised important questions that have merit. Any time i read a poll, especially on this website, the first questions that come to mind are:
      1. who was the audience and how were they picked
      2. what was the wording of the question
      3. how were the answers laid out?

      as one other reader suggested, partisan polsters can rig a poll and then read the data however they want. a good poll will try to use ubiased terms, get a scientific cross section of the public, and provide answers that do not lead the person taking the poll. I can’t be confident any poll by a politicla party that is publically released would really be a true representation of American opinion.

      • Captain_Anon

        *oops, i put dylans name where mine should have been because i was addressing him*

        • Dylan

          Hey Cap

          First off … you’re absolutely correct in the questions you raise. And the answers to these questions aren’t available in the summary of results that this posting provides. Polling can be “rigged” as you put it. But results being rigged aren’t limited to “partisan” pollsters and I take offense to people slamming the credibility of Moore Information. Having been on campaigns that have used Moore Information, I can tell you his numbers are usually on the money. And these results … as I confirmed by comparing links provided by Craw … are close enough to previously tested national numbers that time and margin of error are more likely explanations than a partisan gimmickry.

          It really doesn’t do us any favors to bash the few good consultants that we have in this state.

  • Jerry

    Easy folks. Most polls are pretty lame – questions poorly worded, poorly asked, people often afraid to say what they really feel. Take any poll results with healthy skepticism.