Senate to vote on SB 972 Sales Tax Study

Stop SB 972 and the insane sales tax study!
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The Oregon Senate is expected soon to vote on Senate Bill 972  which creates a study on a whopping 7% sales tax to pay for a new government health program.   Voters have rejected a sales tax nine times. Why study what voters do not want?

Taxpayers have already studied a sales tax and found it to be a tax monster that explodes in growth. There are over 40 states with sales tax, yet there are over 7,600 different sales tax jurisdictions in America. Do the math! Once you establish a sales tax, then every county, city, regional government (Metro) and every other possible government jurisdiction will feverishly latch themselves to it as a new source to drain taxpayer dollars. Creating an Oregon sales tax is creating a dozen new tax collectors for a single taxpayer.

Economists have studied a sales tax monster and found it to be regressive as it hits lower income taxpayers harder. Economists also will tell you that the sales tax is vulnerable to the internet – so why should we put our hopes into something that is proven to be losing money?

Supporters say that this sales tax study could reduce health care costs. This is the same predictable empty promise given by the Oregon Health Plan, RomneyCare and ObamaCare.

We understand that the bill references thought provoking ideas like being exempt from Obama’s health care law, health savings accounts, utilizing ways to maximize federal dollars and health care savings in general. If these ideas are so good, why not study them by themselves without entrapping taxpayers first. Why must every government idea to save money require costing taxpayers more money and more of their freedom to choose?

Post-script: It was just a few months ago last October when the leading public debate was watching pro-sales tax people send out mailings attacking anti-sales tax people for supporting a fictitious sales tax. If pro-sales tax supporters are so willing to quickly dislike this tax, then why should anyone else?

If you oppose a sales tax you should contact your State Senator immediatly.