Ted Kulongoski joke heard on the radio

Yesterday I heard the DJ on a Country station lay out this telling joke before the next song.

“Guess what I am going to be for Holloween? Governor Kulongoski. I’m going to be handing out driver’s licenses. Hey kids want a driver’s license?”

The DJ was ribbing the governor on his new controversial and unpopular plan to give out drivers licenses to non-citizens. It appears the absurdity of his plan has made the airwaves.

  • Richard

    The absurdity is drivers license is an issue int the first place especially to a part who like to where the label of limited government. The obsession with brown skins will be the death of our party.

  • Captain_Anon


    the issue here is what the drivers license enables… which is fraud and stealing at the tax payers expense, nevermind the issues with public safety. this isn’t about ‘brown skin’ – this is an issue with illegal aliens in our state who steal tax payer money to feed themselves, send thier kids to school, and get health care that other citizens don’t get.

    Furthermore, this is about enabling criminals to obtain other government ID that allows thier free travel in our country, which poses a security risk. it also enables those who participate in identity theft (which a majority of these illegals do – steal someones identity and credit).

    IF the state actually goes through with this, then i sure hope the police and sheriffs will use those ID’s to identify and incarcerate the illegals and deport them.

    • Richard

      Excuse me there is one easy solution; stop using Drivers licenses as ID. In addition the Mexican (rightfully here to trade) is not sealing to take the argument to absurdity everybody is a thief.
      Mexicans send kids to school and receive welfare.
      Whites send kids to school and receive welfare.
      Blacks send kids to school and receive welfare.
      Asians send kids to school and receive welfare.

      We do not complain about White, Black and Asians Citizens and non-citizen receiving tax dollars. Perhaps we should round up poor White, Asian and Black citizens and ship them to Mexico along with the Mexicans because they receive stolen tax dollars.

      The solution is stop electing the re3al thief: the politician who creates and supports the public education and the welfare state. Unless one deals with the underlining welfare state, one cannot talk about Mexicans receiving the same.

      • Mr. RcGuy

        No Richard we actually do. We call them all “illegals” you call them “brown skin” and “mexican”. You are the one that catagorizes them by race. We don’t discriminate in our wont to close down all the loopholes liberal state govts. put in place to allow lawbreakers to stay and work here more easily. License programs, in state tuition programs, id programs.

        Also just one more reason I don’t like Bush; he is all for making it easier and allowing people that have broken the law to stay here.

        Your last paragraph trying to re-define the argument (change the rules) in some lame attempt to stop discussion before somebody hands you your butt in debate is truly sad (oh wait, that’s happened twice now already).

        This is not a welfare or public education debate. This is a law enforcement/immigration debate. Those other points are ONLY valid once you concede illegal immigration. No illegal immigrants means no illegal immigrants trying to game the system. Does that mean nobody is going to try to game the system? Of course not. Am I saying all illegals try to game the system? Of course not. Are they all technically breaking the law? Yes and thus the words “illegal immigration/alien.”

        I agree w/ halting using a drivers license as ID for illegals. But it needs to be one step, or a giant leap more. *NO* ID for illegals. No DL. No matriculate consular. No nothing. The only ID should be issued to people legally in the country. Period.

      • Sakaki

        Being as i deal with Asians all the time, I can tell you (Richard) for a fact that a multitude of Asians, much more than you can even imagine, do NOT go on welfare.

        They do not WANT Welfare. They just get it because of people like Ted Kulongoski, who want people on Welfare so his successor can get elected.

        I think YOU may want to start looking at people as people, not as victims. There are no place in our party for people who think like vict-o-crats.

      • CRAWDUDE

        If any person, white, black, brown etc… who has illegally entered or is illegally remaining in this country should be identified and sent home.

        Approx. 70% of the 12-20 million illegal in this country are hispanic ( many from Latin and South American countries via Mexico) so Mexico gets the bulk of the publicity. Richards is right , this country does need to target “All” illegals an not just Mexicans on the chance of making it into a racial issue instead of an legal issue.

        I have no problem with us increasing our rate of legal immigration if that is what the country wants. It may also give illegals incentive to return home and apply.

        Irregardless they are not legal citizens of this country and have no constitutional right to be here. In my opinion they should be sent home. They do use much of the benefits that are ear-marked for our less fortunate which has the effect of causing legal citizens further hardship.

        As companies use their cheap labor American citizens can’t find work . If the illegals were sent home we could assess our needs and come up with a guest worker program the benefits everyone.

  • Steven

    Sleepy Ted must be buddies with the New York governor, he also is going against the will of the people.

    But sleepy ted is already being fitted for DOJ jail clothes. Tom (Kooky) potter Portland mayor and sleepy ted are both going to have legal action taken against them by Judicial Watch Org. for their actions involving aliens. Hey billy Bradbury what size jail clothes do you ware?

  • Amazed

    I am still amazed that sooo many people just don’t get the fact that when someone is here without proper approval, they are here illigally. I don’t care what you do or who you are. Why is this sooo hard to understand? Amazing, Liberals must really feel guilty about the fact that their lives are pretty good compared to a lot of people, so like a child they feel they have to make everything fair and alright for all people.

    • Offline

      Thank you Amazed!!

      Illeagal, does not mean kind-of ok. And it doesn’t have to do with race or color.

      It means get the hell out.

      I can’t go to Mexico, Canada, Japan or the EK and just start working. I have to follow a process. If I don’t they will kick me out. Simple.

      We should close the borders. Stop the handouts. Then find a way to allow those who want to come to the US and become part of this country a way in within the law.