Embarrassed UN tries to hide evidence of failed climate disaster predictions

The Wall Street Journal ran an article last week that revealed that the U.N. deleted a map from their web site this month after a journalist from AsianCorrespondent.com asked some embarrassing questions about some 2005 U.N. predictions.

In 2005, the U.N. Environment Program (UNEP) predicted 50 million climate refugees by 2010, and they published a map showing the areas these climate refugees would be fleeing from. 2010 came and went, and the AsianCorrespondent.com journalist inconveniently pointed out that many of the places UNEP said would have climate refugees fleeing, “are actually among the fastest growing regions of the world.”

Okay, so maybe the sky ISN’T falling…

Once that was pointed out to them, UNEP took the necessary actions to correct their mistake – they deleted the evidence! UNEP is now justifying having deleted the map, causing the WSJ to note “More troubling is the impulse among some advocates of global warming alarmism to assert in the face of contrary evidence that they never said what they definitely said before the evidence went against them.”

Chicks On The Right have a great opinion piece over on RedCounty.com, and The Daily Caller also has a good article with a more details on the story.



UNEP site with map missing

Map before UNEP deleted it