New Radio Ads against Oregon plastic bag ban, bag tax

New Radio Ads against Oregon plastic bag ban, bag tax
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon
The Oregon State Senate is about to raise taxes on grocers all across Oregon as the Senate votes for SB 536 — the ban on plastic bags and a nickel tax on all paper bags.  Below is the ad:

Radio Ad:

Oregon’s economy is struggling and our families are hurting.

So, why would the Oregon legislature raise taxes on groceries with the price of food and gas already going up?

Why would the legislature send good American green jobs to China while so many struggle to find work?

Why would the legislature force us to use shopping bags that may increase our risk of lead contamination or food borne illness?

The legislature’s plastic bag ban would do exactly that.

Fewer jobs, higher taxes, more health risks for Oregon families.

It’s no wonder the Statesman Journal and Democrat Herald say improved recycling is a better, common-sense solution.

Call your legislators and tell them Oregon needs more recycling – not higher taxes, fewer jobs and more health risks.

Tell them to oppose SB 536 and focus on Oregon’s real problems.

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