Terrorists and drivers licenses

It’s only taken Ted Kulongoski four years as Attorney General and six years as Governor to tumble to the fact that twenty plus years of Oregon Democrat administrations have been issuing driver’s licenses to just about anyone and without proof of citizenship or legal residency. As a result, Oregon has issued driver’s licenses – the primary proof of identification in this state and every other state in the union – to over 150,000 illegal aliens and probably a goodly number of terrorists, drug smugglers and foreign thugs.

Having awakened from an apparently long nap, the Governor has just now realized,

“There have been a number of investigations going on in which Oregon has become the principle place where people who do not have legal presence come here to get either a commercial or noncommercial license.”

The Governor must be the last person in Oregon to come to that conclusion.

But it isn’t the wave of illegal immigrants holding Oregon licenses that has caused the governor’s concern. If it was, he would have done something about it a long time ago. So what is it that raises this latter day revelation for Oregon’s governor?

Well according to the governor it is a series of investigations by federal law enforcement agencies that have triggered his concern. The governor refuses to identify the specific agencies, so let me try a list of those involved: Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the National Security Administration, the Secret Service, the Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agency and the Treasury Department. Okay, let’s be honest here – this is about terrorism activities and the fact that every terrorist in the world knows that Oregon, and Portland in particular, is a safe haven.

Oregon has already had the Portland Seven who have each confessed and been imprisoned for terrorist related activities. There is an active investigation of a Medford based Islamic charity and its principal relating the funneling of money to terrorist organizations. And there is the recent deportation of one of the people accused of attempting to set up a terrorist training camp near Bly.

Portland’s far left, which dominates the Oregon Democrat Party, has yet to meet an enemy of the nation that it doesn’t hold in higher regard than our own nation’s leaders. They have refused to participate in the Joint Terrorism Task Force. The have refused to allow their police to even inquire as to a detainee’s legal status in the country. They pass resolution after resolution condemning America’s foreign policy initiatives while at the same time turning a blind eye to some of the worst human rights abuses by our nation’s enemies. They embrace despots such as Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Bashar al-Assad while sneering at decent men like Tony Blair and Ariel Sharon. Their collective leadership reminds one of Vichy France.

It is this consistent, predictable, and persistent pandering that attracts the worst elements of the international criminal enterprises – whether they are terrorists, Russian Mafya, or Central and South American drug smugglers. It’s no wonder that there are so many federal investigations that are uncovering ties to Oregon.

But let’s not be fooled by Gov. Kulongoski’s apparent latter day conversion. It’s not the threat of terrorism or international crime that has Kulongoski nervous. Rather it is the real likelihood that Oregon is about to be the first in the nation to lose federal funds because it has failed to do anything about its porous policies in issuing driver’s licenses without adequate determination of identity. You can’t terrorize an Oregon liberal with the horrors of car bombs or poison gas, but they will quake in their boots at the prospect of losing a tax dollar they want to spend.

So, Gov. Kulongoski has called upon the legislature to enact provisions to tighten the requirements for obtaining an Oregon driver’s license. Well, not really. He still wants to hand out driver’s licenses to everyone regardless of their status as legal residents – he just wants there to be one for legal residents and another for those who fail to prove their resident status. One wonders why a state government would provide a government privilege, any government privilege to someone illegally here.

But hopefully, the Republicans in the legislature will join with those Democrats not beholden to Portland’s far left politicians and ask the same question. Kulongoski’s plan for two driver’s licenses is pandering and pointless. It’s time to get tough on those who are illegally in our country and those in our business and government that aid them.

  • Jerry

    This moron should be tried for treason. I am serious. He is a threat to our safety with this half-baked notions. Also, I sincerely hope that Oregon loses the federal money. We deserve nothing less.
    What a complete bunch of idiots.
    It would be funny if it wasn’t so seriously flawed and dangerous.

  • RinoWatch

    Anyone care to bet me that these same illegal drivers, many of them, are not voting in Oregon?

    Stay tuned….


      If 10% of them vote in Oregon it can change an election result, we need it stopped. The don’t need to be on the roadway , they need to be in the country they are from. Let them apply for citizenship here the legal way.

  • John Fairplay

    It’s a pretty sad thing when public officials – who take an oath to protect and defend all of us – have to be forced to do the right thing by the threat of having money taken away. But it sure works. If I had anything to do with it, Oregon would make a proper drivers license reform and then lose the federal money anyway. The Trial Lawyers out there can think of it as “punitive damages.”

  • Richard

    When the looter (i.e. the politician) wishes to enacts policies that expand the scope of government they constructing fallacy using a generalization. When liberals wish to enact statist policies, they drag out the children. Likewise, the conservative drags out terrorist. The drivers license never should been used as a general ID card. In addition, I feel the issuing of drivers licenses is and always the power and right of the states not the federal government. The solution is stop using drivers license as a ID card.

  • Jerry

    I will tell you all something. When I moved to Arkansas (yes, I retired and was not willing to pay the onerous taxes in Oregon, although I love the place) I was REQUIRED to either provide a birth certificate OR a passport – to get my AR driver’s license.

    If I could not produce one or the other I could not get the license.

    Arkansas is way, way ahead of Oregon in doing what is right regarding driver’s licenses. Also, if you are underage the license is printed vertically so challenged store clerks know you are underage. Amazing.

    Oregon, that great state, is so behind in this area it is like a third-world country.

    I am deeply ashamed of Oregon in this regard. Oregon politicians are pathetic losers – all of them – both parties – completely our of their element – totally unprepared – totally unwilling to do what is right – afraid of their own shadows – a bunch of losers.

    • Gienie

      Jerry, I totally dissagree with your last comments regarding the state legislature. Have you ever worked in the capitol? Have you ever sat through a day session to see what types of things happen? Have you ever taken part in the bill writing process in committee? Were you ever an elected official? Do you know what type of committment it takes to be one?

      Unfortunately, the leaders of this state, and I suspect elsewhere, are bound by certain bureaucratic laws. In order for them to do the job voters elected them to do, the laws need to be changed.

      In order for the laws to change, we have to be willing to revamp and reconstruct the law and then we have to get enough elected officials to vote on and support those changes. In order to get enough officials to vote on those changes…we have to get the right people elected.

      We can do that in several ways.. i.e. volunteering for the local party, volunteering for a specific campaign or candidate, and even volunteering to write letters to the editor, or by submitting an Op-Ed piece to the local paper. It takes you.. Not them!

      Its not the elected official’s fault when their constituents choose not to engage in an issue. I’m not saying that you haven’t done so, I’m simply saying that in general, regular citizens aren’t engaged in public policy and reform, they also have no civic understanding regarding public relations. While we’re on the subject..how often do you contact your elected officials?

      We can all agree… in general..an elected official acts on what is presented to them. Yes there have been situations when they act solely on their own accord… and this is where the voter has power. We can recall those officials who do not represent the values of their constituents. In other words… The squeaky wheel gets the greese!

      We as voting citizens have an obligation. Its a farce to believe that punching a voter card is the end of our job. Our job includes holding these leaders accountable to their actions by contacting them regularly and providing insight from our standpoint. How else are they supposed to represent!

      What’s “loserish” is when people choose to complain about something, but not take the burden of responsiability on themselves. What’s more.. name calling doesn’t “fix” anything. It just spreads uneccessary problems and creates an environment of distraction so the real work and goals take longer to accomplish.

  • Rick Hickey

    Remember the Robleto case? i.e. The Largest Id fraud case in Oregon history. Over 80,000 Licenses sold to peoples from all over the Nation via thier DME office for Spanish speakers. Flown & Bussed to a Motel to mail them selves a letter in pencil to show local address then to fill out Voter registration form.
    8 of the 12 family members admitted guilt and will be deported after time served.
    In regards to ring leader Robleto, Judge said; “Surely crimes were committed here” then let him off claiming “not enough evidence”(sounds like something the Mafia perfected many years ago). Robleto got to keep his $400,000 in the Bank & the $500,000 found in his house.

    This is one reason why the open border/No real ID crowd have unlimited funds to fight every common sense attempt at tightening our security loopholes.

    Terrorists-Drug dealers-Identity thieves-ALL love loopholes and Gov. Ted and anyone else making excuses for loopholes is enabling future crimes and even future homicidal deaths.

    Richard-Photo Id alternative is…?

    • Richard

      Now now let not put up straw men. I am open borders and no real Id because first I believe in limited government including federalism. Secondly as an Individualist and Capitalist I believe each person has the right to own property and to trade along with life, liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. This is granted to all people regardless of national origin.

      To me the drivers license flap has more to do with restrictionism and protectionism than any concern about terrorist.


    I agree with Richard except for his open borders stance.

  • Steven

    Did you know that a source in the Oregon Oval office says that the Governor Secretly instructed the democratic leader of the democratic legislature to adopt measure 50 so that when Oregon looses federal funding for violating federal laws there will be another source of funding for the one lost. Big business in Oregon will not allow the local government to sweep away their cheap labor pool. Namely the mexicons.