Measure 49 opposition by newspapers, businesses grow

Here are the latest opposition editorials and news articles on Measure 49.
Hood River News
Democrat Herald
Dallas Chronicle

Here are the latest business organizations opposing Ballot Measure49:
Albany Chamber of Commerce
Beaverton Chamber of Commerce
Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce
Medford Chamber of Commerce
North Plains Chamber of Commerce
Salem Chamber of Commerce
Washington County Businessmen’s Association

  • devietro

    It does not surprise me at all that many chambers are opposing this traditionally CoC’s and their members are BUSINESS people as well as being politically conservative. Also the News papers that oppose it are pretty conservative areas of the state.

    I would like nothing more than 49 to fall hard and fail BUT I know its going to pass, the sad thing is that its going to pass because of people id does not effect. Its going to pass because of people in Multnomah county and living in condos who will never have to deal with these issues.

  • Jerry

    Right on, right on! And it is going to pass because the voters are ill-informed and easily swayed by left-wing wack jobs.

  • Snow

    Voters need to really educate themselves on the issues so they can vote on facts not feelings. But then it seems the Left Wing lives on feelings and hysteria.

  • Jack

    Just say NOOOOOOOOOOOOO TO 49. Tell your friends

  • Peter Bray

    Don’t forget Salem Statesman Journal. That’s actually pretty surprising.

    But the Eugene Register Guard (higher circ than Statesman), Daily Astorian, Capital Press (ag newspaper), and even Medford Mail came out with a decided YES ON MEASURE 49!

    • carol

      Last Friday’s edition of the Capital Press, now sorta leans that way, but the board had opposing speakers, and the end result was, it seemed to me, no recommendation, the editorial content for M49 was presented on the front page, and continued with the facts against on the back page. On the editorial page, the editor announced that the policy of the paper was not tell voters how to vote. As I say, they LEAN for not ARE for.

  • Neal

    Good point on another blog.
    With M37 left alone, Oregon will still have a more land use control any other State.
    Seems that should be enough since our NW neighbors Washington and Idaho are keeping things preserved with far less regulation.
    Yet Oregon appears to be locked into the plannerss dictating everything, with much of it not very appealing.

    • carol

      Refer to my comment on Lars Larson’s editorial, or to an update in the Capital Press. WA farmers are going great guns, all without the tender care of LCDC!


    Wow, the No on 49 campaign is starting to show, sounds like the Yes argument is starting to unravel a bit, we’ll know soon enough.

    I just read that M50 which amends the Oregon constitution doesn’t even have federal approval yet and may not even be able to be implemented if it passes……………………example of putting the cart before the horse. Apparently the feds have a problem with giving socialized coverage to middle class families that can afford the coverage themselves.

  • Marvin McConoughey

    Measure 49 is an example of the hasty, partisan, poorly designed legislative output that we were told would be reformed if only the legislature could meet annually. It did not happen. The legislature is meeting again next year. A land use study panel was conducting an intensive review of Oregon’s land use laws and policies, and the legislators had ample time to learn from the land use study and then write a well-coordinated land use measure complete with bipartisan review and cooperation. Instead, Oregonians are presented with this stinking mess of a badly written, overly complex, and often ambiguous document. It will bring many years of litigation, harm the state’s economic flexibility, and contribute to a higher cost of living for Oregonians. The Oregon legislature has earned contempt and distrust whether the measure passes or fails. I believe that we have the nation’s single most incompetent legislature.

  • Neal

    I believe that we have the nation’s single most incompetent legislature,,, and dishonest.

    They had no use for reform when they could simply repeal most of M37 with M49.
    Thier approach will be repeated over and over again to advance their liberal agenda for the controlling minority of Oregonians.