Lars Larson on gravel pits and growing grapes

Let’s talk about gravel pits and growing grapes.

You’re probably getting ready to vote on ballot Measure 49″”whether or not to remove the property rights of Oregonians. Rights they voted for not once but twice.

I have to give credit where credit is due. Hasso Herring, who writes editorials for the Albany Democrat Herald, wrote an excellent one recently. It was a story about a man who wanted to start a gravel pit on his property. The property was well-suited for it and of course gravel is used in all kinds of construction. Without it we don’t build modern society in Oregon or Washington.

So, here’s what happened. He applied for permission. The local authority said “yes” and then the LCDC in its infinite wisdom issued the following opinion, “that his property would be better used for growing grapes than gravel”. Without the permission of the state he could not go forward.

That’s one of the outrages that ballot Measure 37 was supposed to correct. It’s one of the things that won’t get corrected if ballot Measure 49 passes.