It is all about ideas…

“The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas.” – Linus Pauling

The first ever Oregon “annual session” is less than five months away, though little has yet been said about what substantive ideas will be on the agenda for the 26-day session. Democrat leadership is calling for nothing controversial. From the Ashland Daily Tidings:

Buckley, a senior member of the House Democratic leadership team, conceded that nothing “earth shattering” would likely emerge from the 26-day session; only budget adjustments and bills that have bipartisan support would likely be considered by legislators during the micro-session.

Legislators are beginning to draft agenda items for the 2008 special session and 2009 regular session, and would like your input. What do you think should be on the agenda over the next two years? What are your most important priorities?

  • John Fairplay

    Nothing that I would consider a “good idea” has any chance of being considered or enacted in the Special Session.

    What the state could use is a tax cut. The Governor has abandoned any thought of tax reform, which means he thinks revenues are going to be increasing dramatically for years to come. Even a small income tax cut would be beneficial to the Oregon economy and give the state a chance to catch up with the rest of the country in employment. Property taxes are also starting to get out of whack and the Legislature would be well served to do something about them before a ballot measure is put forward.

    • Captain_Anon

      how are property taxes getting out of control? they are capped at a maximum 3% increase per year…

  • anon

    The Labor-Democrats are getting ready to jam a host of pro-union bills down the GOP’s throat in the special session. They are taking the “best ideas” from all over the country and will impose them on Oregon. The press will not report it as such. Elminate the waiting period for Unemployment Compensation benefits for strikers. Extend the brand-new, anti-democratic, no-vote gov’t union authorization method to the private sector. And so on. You have no idea.

  • Steve Plunk

    I expect a gas tax increase to be on the agenda. ODOT is already putting out press releases bemoaning the lack of road construction dollars. It’s their typical m.o., build up the “lack of funds” then hit the legislature. So all the money from OTIA didn’t do a us a whole lot of good.

    The sad fact is ODOT has become institutionally corrupt from top to bottom. They will lie, cheat and steal to get more money flowing into the sinkhole they have become.

  • carol

    My dream is that they address land-use, meaning a failure of ballot measure 49. Childish, ain’t I?

  • Ted kennedy’s Liver

    If Oregon Republicans had any spine, they’d boycott the “emergency” session.

    Being the gutless imbeciles they are, however, they’ll show up, giving the D’s a quorum and the ability to ram tons of tax increases down taxpayer throats.