Kulongoski singing a new tune on taxes

Governor Ted Kulongoski has been no enemy of tax increases. For example, he championed Measure 28 and Measure 30, the record income tax increases that Oregon voters handily defeated. The cigarette tax increase up on the ballot this November was the Governor’s idea. During last year’s campaign, the Governor called for elimination of corporate tax relief. The Governor even proposed a major increase in taxes on Oregon businesses this last session, which was only defeated thanks to the vigilance of Senator Frank Morse.

But in an article by Harry Esteve in yesterday’s Oregonian, the Governor has apparently seen the light when it comes to Oregon’s need for tax increases.

Oregon could have enough cash for years to come without a sales tax or dramatic restructuring of the way the state takes a chunk of your money, Gov. Ted Kulongoski says…

…Recently, Kulongoski says, he looked at state economic projections that made him think differently. The figures show steadily growing revenue from income taxes and state gambling machines, and a burgeoning savings account as well.

“The projections I’ve seen for economic growth — it meets the adequacy test,” the governor said.

That’s a large departure from the usual talking points that bemoan the lack of funding and general inadequacy of Oregon’s revenue system. At least for now, Oregon seems to have enough to pay for what it needs. Imagine that?

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  • davidg

    Kulongoski’s position on taxes is a lot like Oregon weather.
    You don’t like it?
    Stick around.
    It will change again soon enough.

    The only thing you can for sure is: whenever a tax proposal hits the ballot, he will be for it.

  • Neal

    Let’s hear it for the three legged stool!

    Ted’s waiting to see how the schools sueing the legislature for school funding turns out.
    If the “Qualtiy Education Model” (which has zero basis for it’s claims and numbers) get’s what it calls for the tax man cometh.

  • RinoWatch

    Teddys staff only released this crap over the weekend to deflect the media from his other scandal. An old trick but a good one….

    He’s got a ring through his nose and is lead around like the bought and paid for he is. Watch his press conference from last Thursday and see how Wentz yanked him away from the microphone before he burped up another gaff.

    BTW, you credit the RINO Frank Morse above but failed to mention that Morse is a Champion Sales Tax Advocate!

    Carry on….

  • Neal

    As far as taxation goes, Ted and company want more they don;t care how they get it.
    So they’re fine with having the taxpayers turn the stool upside down and sit on any leg. ouch!

  • Marvin MConoughey

    I’m curious. Is the economic forecast that Governor Kulongoski refers to a public document?

    He may be right as to the current forecast, but economists are notoriously unreliable on predicting the start, the depth, and the length of recessions.

  • Neal

    part of Ted’s outlook is getting the kicker.

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