Weekly Legislative Update for Citizen Lobbyists

by Salem 9-12 Project

Important bills for the coming week:

–SB 192, which promotes expansion of green jobs through financial incentives,
–HB 3377 which authorizes photo radar in Salem and about a dozen other cities across the state,
–SB 92 which provides a framework for regulating out-of-state banks.
–HB 2328 which taxes electric vehicles, but will probably get us all in the end,
–HB 2820 which is a repeal of ballot measure 67 – Update from the Capitol: HB 2820 is no longer about repealing Measure 67. It didn’t get a hearing – that will require getting more conservatives elected next time. Once it was determined that it wouldn’t get a hearing, Rep. Thatcher agreed to let the bill be used as a vehicle by the Dept of Education – Rep. Thatcher in no longer a sponsor of the bill.
–HB 2721 which will outlaw spiritual healing for those under 18,
–SB 99 which sets up health insurance exchanges that are part of President Obama‟s Health Care Plan,

–and many more.

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